Occupational Use of Force Training

Team Dynamis is composed of Top Tier Subject Matter Experts and Close-Quarter Combative specialists who use state-of-the-art equipment to create ultra-realistic training for military, law enforcement and security professionals.

We develop, design and deliver training projects where your desired outcome is a more robust team whose performance in close-quarter contacts is efficient and effective.

Our three pronged approach enhances your team’s skills as follows:

1: Your team are trained to use a single physical operating system which is common across contact types and addresses all levels of force options.

2:  Your team are drilled in scenario-specific training evolutions which incorporate planning for failure moments and appropriate use of force decision-making evolutions.

3:  Your team will utilise high-impact reduction gear which allows for intense but safe scenario replication and learning from desirable difficulties.

Please explore the information on our website here and contact us with any information you require about giving your team the highest-quality training.