Spartan Training Gear  allows us introduce contact in a gradual, sensible and realistic way so that operators can conduct ‘in-vivo' tactical training evolutions. 

Incorporating equipment such as the Hoplite Training Armour allows us to drastically increase the intensity of our training sessions compared to what we could achieve without it.

We can gradually build up the intensity of the confrontation experience for your officers and operators, while maintaining a low-risk training environment.   



SoftCuff and ERB: The Safe and Effective Application of Effective and Appropriate Restraint Equipment.

The Emergency Response Belt (ERB) is intended to be applied to assist in the removal of a person from the prone face down position as soon as possible.

The Emergency Response Cuff (ERC) provides a practical soft alternative to metal handcuffs. They are simple to use and require minimal training.

The ERB and ERC provide you with a less intrusive, less risky option to manual restraint, and are ideal for: Health Care Professionals, Plain Clothes and Under Cover Police Officers or Security Personnel.