Spartan Gear

Spartan Training Gear allows us introduce contact in a gradual, sensible and realistic way so that operators can conduct those ‘tactical experiments’ which are referred to by our SET methodology. 

Incorporating equipment such as the Hoplite Training Armour allows us to drastically increase the intensity of our training sessions compared to what we could achieve without it.

We can gradually build up the intensity of the confrontation experience for your officers and operators, while maintaining a low-risk training environment.   Using our Spartan Training Gear lets us take the theoretical guesswork out of the training, SAFELY.

Even where we work low-intensity training sessions,we can begin to give your officers closer-to-real-life experience of what it feels like to make aggressive contact with another human being within the scenarios they are training for.  Phase One and Phase Two of the SET approach provide excellent preparation for this phase, even given just a couple of hours with the trainees.

Incorporating contact during training, which the Spartan Armour allows us to do, has significant benefits. 

It allows trainees who need to experience the contact, collision and chaos of real mobile-geomtry to experience and learn within it.   The trainee can then go on to experience that moment again, and again.  

Each time, the trainee will ‘groove’ their response a little deeper, re-inforcing the decision they made, the tactical needs in the situation, the physical sensation of initiating impact and the results it produced.   The trainee will also be ‘grooving over’ any residual doubt, hesitation or fear which they may have brought to the situation.

Specific to the Spartan Armour, we can say with some authority that it allows the average officer to use a lot of their capacity in delivering impact to another person with a very high degree of safety for the person inside the armour.  A full Spartan suit covers the whole body and allows maximum movement potential in all three combative dimensions - standing, clinched or grounded.   

Training according to this SET model benefits when the role-player inside the Armour can closely replicate the behaviours that will be seen in reality (known in our process as ‘training fidelity’), including the pre-assault behaviours and in responding with realism when impacted by the other role-players in the exercise.   

Spartan Armour in particular allows the role player to broadcast pre-assault behaviours and impact behaviours extremely well because it is a lightweight, low-bulk suit which transmits small tell-tale body-language which are being broadcast.    This is highly important because our trainee needs to be able to react and respond to the earliest signs of confrontation (as shown by body language changes in the aggressive subject) and also to the earliest cues of a physical assault when initiated. 

By experiencing the uncertain, spatially chaotic and rapidly-unfolding nature of high-speed scenario replication, the trainees become inoculated, to an appropriate degree relevant to the depth of their training, to it.  This is particularly successful if they are guided and mentored through the exercises by an experienced trainer who can use coaching methods to motivate them to persevere.


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