Officer Safety: Special Contexts

Advanced Combatives in Special Contexts – Ground, Knife, Restricted Positions


Course Rationale:

In any real assault there is a strong possibility that one or more of the combatants end up kneeling, sitting, reclining or laying on the ground or pinned or hampered, in a very confined space, over or under and obstacle or odd surface in a restricted position.  In other scenarios the assailant will use a knife or blunt trauma instrument which increases the risk to the officer.  This course addresses these scenarios with a comprehensive methodology and tactics.

Learning Outcomes:

[Ground-Fighting Fundamentals]

  • Tactical Sprawl from Takedown Attempts
  • Ground Protection Positions and Ground Movement
  • Surviving Strikes and Kicks while Grounded
  • Reversing and Engaging the Standing Opponent
  • Close-Quarters Getup and Disengagement
  • Surviving and Reversing Ground Control Attempts
  • Returning to standing positions from Ground combat


[Gun, Knife and Blunt Weapon Armed Assaults]

  • Secure Grip Drills from Close Threat Attempts
  • Pressure Test Drills (pull /push/ free hand punch)
  • Reverse & Engage Drills using Personal CQ tools
  • Reverse and Engage Drills using Environment
  • Surviving the Stab, Shank and Slash kinetic assaults
  • Avoidance, Deflection and Interception Drills
  • Passive and Active Draw Interception Drills

Impact Reduction Training Gear and F/X Simunition is incorporated into the later parts of the training, where available.

This course is often taught in addition to the Fundamentals Course to provide a broader scope to the officer’s close-quarter capability.  It builds on the principles from the fundamentals course and introduces new contexts and environments in which the counter-ambush methodology can be used to enhance officer survivability.  It is an excellent preparation for our CQB/SWAT Operator course.