Our Approach

Our approach to close-quarter combatives training is based on a human-factors analysis of violent confrontation and factors-in behavioral responses from both the operator and the subjects they interact with.. 

Examples of human factors which impact combat performance are: the effects of perceptual distortion under high stress, the startle reflex, gross/complex/fine motor system activity, degree of previous exposure to the threat stimulus and intrinsic coping strategies for adversarial positions.

Our training ethos attempts to address these key factors which impact on the risk of failure.  

When an operator must contact, control, or subdue a violent physical assault, the quality of their training will impact on their ability to:

  • recognise and identify the threat
  • formulate and select response options 
  • execute an appropriate,effective response

Our training system incorporates modern theory and findings from sports science and the field of motor learning and performance.  We provide our clients well-designed training programmes that incorporate the established scientific facts around improving tactical performance under stress.

It is our belief that the best tactics are those developed from an analysis of basic human physiology - these are learned faster, retained more easily and can be effectively recalled when the operator needs them. 

Our commitment to this belief ensures that our specialist approach to close-quarter contact training has the greatest degree of relevancy when it is most needed.

  • We use a Multi-Purpose approach and teach fewer tactics that have a broader spectrum of application making the training and application of skill more efficient.
  • Our empty hand combative and control tactics dovetail perfectly with firearms or secondary weapon deployment and use.
  • All training and tactics can be seamlessly deployed in the 'first 2 seconds' or surprise assault

 Our approach works because we integrate the use of impact-reduction gear and scenario replication in all our courses.  

 Our Progressive Resistance Replication drills teach and build, step by step our trainees’ ability to run full force-on-force asymmetric-aggressor training. Their knowledge, skill and competence can then be tested and demonstrated in real-time.

 This methodology develops in the operator the skill to accurately judge, under pressure, the level of force necessary to bring the encounter to a successful resolution.