Professional Combatives Master-Trainer (LEO/MIL) 

U.S. Navy - 9 years 

Physical Security for Atlantic Fleet Headquarters

Virginia Beach Police Department - 12 years

Plainclothes Special Enforcement Unit, Mobile Tactics Team (Assistant Team Leader), Background Investigator, Community Policing Team, Defensive Tactics & Fitness Instructor 

Lead Instructor for multiple Law Enforcement courses 2002-

  • Combatives Instructor Certification Training
  • Officer Survival School NO-ROOM-TO-SHOOT/NO-TIME-TO-SHOOT - 
  • Operator School Confined Space Combatives
  • Scenario-Based Combative Training Instructor Development 
  • TACTICAL GROUND COMBAT Instructor Development 
  • TACTICAL WEAPON CONTROL Instructor Development 
  • SOLO OPERATOR/Extreme Close Quarter Combatives

Federal Law Enforcement Professional Master-Trainer (LEO / SWAT / AIR) 

An experienced federal marshall with specific experience of designing and implementing, assessing and evaluating training programmes in the pursuit specific performance outcomes in tactical environments, including Air Marshall training.

  • US Federal Air Marshals, Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • US Federal Air Marshals, National Fitness Program Manager
  • Transportation Security Administration, Deputy Chief Use-of-Force trainer
  • Developed first-ever Federal Flight Deck Officers (armed pilots) training program
  • Trainer at Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy
  • National and International-level experience of Law Enforcement training

Assistant Commander and Master Trainer - SWAT (active)

Law Enforcement Professional - 16 years
Law Enforcement Trainer - 10 years
Special Weapons and Tactics Operator - 14 years
SWAT Team Leader and Trainer - 8 years
SWAT Assistant Commander, SWAT Training Coordinator

  • SWAT Live Fire CQB instructor
  • SWAT Shoothouse instructor
  • SWAT Sniper Instructor (Basic and Advanced)
  • SWAT Team Leader Certified
  • SWAT Commander Certified.
  • Hostage Negotiator Certified.
  • Tactical Rifle Certified
  • Less-Lethal for SWAT Personnel Certified
  • Active Shooter & Active Hostage Rescue Response for SWAT Personnel

US Navy Operator and Master-Trainer (MIL / SWAT / Naval)

3 Combat Deployments from 2004-2008.  Served as Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Officer 2004-2007.  

Served as Officer in Charge of 52 man High Risk Maritime Assault Team 2007-2009

Mission Commander on over 300 Combat Operations

Conducted joint training & real world operations with military forces of Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Canada, French, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Greece. 

  • Qualified as Small Arms & Crew Served Weapons Range Officer,
  • Anti-Terrorism Training Supervisor, Close Quarters Battle Instructor,
  • Certified S.P.E.A.R. Instructor, High Gear Scenario Instructor
  • Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor, Crossfit Level I Trainer
  • LINXX Combatives Instructor
  • Graduate of United States Naval Academy

Deputy Sheriff with County Sheriff's Office (LEO / SWAT / CERT)

Law Enforcement Professional - 16 years
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Operator - 12 years 

  • Law Enforcement Trainer - 5 years
  • Member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) since 2005 (SWAT duties)
  • Physical Training (PT) Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructor
  • Shotgun Breaching Instructor
  • Distraction Device (flash bang) Instructor 
  • General Topics Instructor
  • Field Training Officer (FTO)

Protective Services and Tactical Firearms Instructor (UK)


Edexcel BTEC L3 Advanced Award in Self Defence Instruction

Humberside Police

  • Officer Safety Instructor 
  • Firearms Instructor (ARVs, Tactical Team, Dynamic Entry etc.)
  • Close Protection Operative and Instructor (20yrs)

Metropolitan Police (London)

  • Paddington Green Police Station General Patrol
  • Vine Street Drugs Unit
  • Diplomatic Protection Operative (10yrs)
  • - Downing Street
  • - Government Residences