SWAT/Response Team Advanced Tactics

In addition to the tactics taught on our specialist combatives course for the law-enforcement / security officer, we offer the following training outcomes which are normally customised for the specific taskings undertaken by the team being trained.

Team Dynamis Operator Training 2012_102303560

Sample Learning Outcomes:

  • Check Point interaction Tactics: Communication and Positioning
  • Vehicle Extraction
  • Tactical No Shoot Options for Non Deadly Force Encounters
  • Warrant Service, Hostage Rescue and other Raids
  • Team Suspect Takedown Tactics
  • Transitional Tactics for Close Quarter Combat
  • Movement with Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun
  • Close-Quarter combat with Pistol, Carbine or Long-Gun
  • Pre Emptive Engagement
  • Fighting From Unorthodox and Restricted Positions
  • Improvised and Environmental Weapons
  • Surviving Multiple Assailants
  • 1-1 Control and Arrest Procedures
  • 2-1 Control and Arrest Procedures
  • Bed and Chair procedures 1-1 and 2-1
  • Fast Auto-Stop Procedures
  • Fast Room Entries
  • Announced Room Entries
  • CQB Scenario Ambush Training

Impact Reduction Training Gear and F/X Simunition is incorporated into the later parts of the training, where available.

This course can be taught taught in addition to the Fundamentals course and the Knife/Ground contextual combatives course to create a 4-week or 6-week comprehensive close-quarter combatives programme.

We can also add specialist modules such as the Close Protection course and Firearms courses to this course to create a comprehensive long-cycle training programme.